Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Sempiternam | August 2012

Dear Readers,

Apologies for the lack of a forecast during July. My extensive sojourn in the Imperium necessitated a leave of absence.  This forecast arrives earlier, as I shall again be away on ambassadorial business during much of August.
The ambassadors of August are VI The Explorers and 8 Submersibles:

The Explorers
8 Submersibles

Choices and reassessments are the twin features of August: you may need to commit more strongly or to revamp your commitments.  Given that this month is one in which is hard to settle to anything and often a difficult one to begin something,  mergers, contracts and agreements are not well situated, and you would be best advised to reconsider your options.  If others are slow to reciprocate to your ideas or if you feel ambivalent about engaging, it is worth asking yourself, where are your energies best bestowed?  However, for getting away with your best beloved, this is a good month to seek alternative locations.
Lady of Engines

1-8 August - Lady of Engines encourages you to engage more deeply with your joy of life. Rather than seeing life as puzzle, begin to write your own life script with enthusiasm.  What is arising in your book of life? Run with it now.