Monday, 10 September 2012


The tetraktys (from the Greek tetras or four) was an emblem sacred to Pythagorus. Based upon 1 + 2 +3 + 4 = 10, it expresses the whole universe in one symbol. Here Madame Hypatia Tetraktys uses the Steampunk Tarot: Wisdom From the Gods of the Machine to look at the turn of the aeon and what the world may be dealing with until early Spring 2013. 

123 is the destiny   – what needs to fulfilled & manifested
456 is fate             - what cannot be changed
789 is free will       - what is changeable
10 is the Significator – the theme or central topic
10+6+8  – the hidden triad of possibility.
 1+5+9  - the wider view  

           THE SPREAD                                     THE CARDS CHOSEN

                 1                                         2 Airships

                2  3                          VIII Engineer + 8 Submersibles

            4   10   7               Lady Leviathans + 8 Engines +O Apprentice

             5  6   8    9        Lady Submersibles + 7 Engines +XV Cyborg + XIV Spirit Level

Lady of Submersibles

 The triad of Fate reveals the two Ladies of Submersibles & Leviathans (Cups & Coins) and 7 Engines (Wands): here is a potential community dreaming that begins to speak up for others or to utter what is not being said. The ladies are explorers who set out to discover the state of things, while 7 Engines has a similar ability to stand up for those with no voice.  This powerful combination is already at work in our world.
Lady of Leviathans

7 Engines
 The triad of Free Will is entirely made up of Major cards, revealing that the most profound help is available: a combination of Apprentice, Cyborg and Spirit Level (Fool, Devil and Temperance) suggests that a new demography is struggling to emerge: in an information age, we can no longer be blinded by facts or enslaved by ideology, but we seek to steer events with an enquiring mind, open imagination and a desire to bring balance. 

XIV Spirit Level

0 The Apprentice

XV The Cyborg
 The triad of Destiny  with 2 Airships (Swords), 8 Submersibles and VIII Engineer reveals that what the world is seeking to manifest is to call a truce, to end hostilities that involve continual attrition and to begin to listen to the voice that makes us strong.  This involves reassessing our options, considering new values and solutions, finding alternatives to the old methods. 
2 Airships

8 Submersibles
The hidden triad, with 8 and 7 Engines & Cyborg (Devil) shows a revolutionary mobilization of resources to break through the stalemate of fear or the slavery of scapegoating.  What we are putting up with is coming to a head.  The possibilities can go two ways: into revolution and protest or into a dialogue where we draw upon cards 1,5 & 9 wherein the peacemakers make a bridge. If we just behave as if we are individuals, then the negative potentials of the hidden triad obtain: if we look through the systemic and community viewpoint of the peacemakers, we won’t get bogged down with resentment but be inspired by group vision.

VIII The Engineer

8 Engines

The centre card, 8 Engines (Wands) can gear suddenly into acceleration.  Timeliness, whirlwind synchronicities and looking at the short-termism that afflicts the world is at the heart of things here: this card indicates a gap of opportunity in which change can be brought to the world.   Essential communication is needed to optimize the most useful scenarios for change.