Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Navigator of Submersibles (Knight of Cups)
Clymela asks the tarot: ‘I am interested in celebrating my life.  Show me my path out of this dreary Neptune reversed period back into the flow of life.’

Dear Clymela, I respond with  a ninefold spread  which is a Petit Lenormand usage. 

So I invite you to see how we play tarot by the rules of ancient cartomancy!
We read the cards in the following way:

A. The central card reveals the core of the issue.
B. 1 + 9 with 3 + 7 tell us the shape of the story
C. 2,4,5,6,8 tell us about the internal drive of the situation
D. 1,4.7 is the Past, 2,5,8 is the Present, 3,6,9 is the Future
E. 2,7,9 is what’s in the mind, 8,1,3 is the hidden motivation
F. 4,3,9 is what triggers this in the past. 6,1,7 is what propels this to the future.

The nine cards are:

ONE: 4 Leviathans       TWO: Navig. Submersibles   THREE: 2 Engines
FOUR: 5 Submersibles. FIVE: Navig. Airships            SIX: XIV Spirit Gauge
SEVEN: 6 Airships R.    EIGHT: 4 Airships                 NINE: 7 Engines

There are 3 Airships (Swords), 2 Engines (Wands), 2 Submersibles (Cups) and 1 Leviathan (Coins) with 1 God of the Machine (Major). The issue is a serious consideration about moving back into social life and its full enjoyment, but the manifestation point is dependent upon bringing matters into balance. There are also two Navigators (Knights), which is useful for this question. 2 Fours reveal that the sense of stagnation is merely a rest before gathering.

Naivgator of Airships (Knight of Swords)
A. CORE ISSUE: The Core of the issue shows the Navigator of Airships who represents the freedom to defend the right and the courage to champion the way forward

B. SHAPE OF THE STORY:  You have been careful about how you assert yourself; this has led to your dynamic drive being held up so that you’ve not been able to move forward.

XIV Spirit Gauge (Temperance)
C. INTERNAL DRIVE:  The ability to steer by your instinct lies within you, as we see with the Navigator of Submersibles taking his sighting by the stars. Acknowledging what has been, but not being defined by it (5 Submersibles), you can determine your course (Navigator of Airships) by adapting to the conditions in your environment (XIV Spirit Gauge) and taking the time to assess and consolidate your way forward.
          The feeling of this combination of cards is that there is some hand-made crafting, where you slowly sculpt your place for yourself. It doesn’t involve second-hand or convenience methods, but uses a real artist’s patience to bring together the ingredients by careful steps.
4 Leviathans (4 Coins)
D. PAST:  Something or someone has treated you with less consideration than you deserved (4 Leviathans) and you’ve learned how to be a survivor (5 Submersibles), but the residue of that trouble is still clinging to you and has made you fear you will be on the end of the next refusal. There might even be some sense of replaying trauma (6Airships).

4 Airships (4 Swords)
PRESENT:  But now you are in the right mode, with 2 Navigators to see you through, to consider your course.  By water and air, you discover ways of blending your feelings and your thoughts. Sit down and contemplate the path you really want before you rush off. (4 Airships)

2 Engines (2 Wands)
FUTURE:  The dynamo is powering up (2 Engines) and you can risk moving forward either on your own or even in partnership with another. Two heads are better than one and socially more fun! You know that you can make the best headway by blending both sides of your nature: the side that does things by hand, naturally, and the fair side that can arbitrate and be considerate. (Spirit Gauge) You gain the tenacity to assert yourself or to stand up for others. (7 Engines)

7 Engines (7 Wands)

E. THE MIND & HIDDEN MOTIVATION:  Your thoughts lead you to be careful of how your pave your path, and you have a strong defensive sense that has contributed here to your sense of being stuck just out of the main flow of things. Your own instinctive path is the destiny that can lead you now.
          Your motivation is blent of a fear of being used and sense of your own good ideas. Exploitation can be avoided when you assess mindfully.

F. TRIGGER FROM PAST & PROPULSION TO THE FUTURE: Your sense of purpose, your survival, is upheld up the good ideas that you still have to accomplish: good working practices, persistence and your care for others shape your path forward.
          What propels you on your path is an aptitude to be generous. Whether you volunteer for an environmental charity or support the rights of refugees or displaced persons, there is a strong sense of you working to make things more equitable for yourself and others.

II Aviatrix (High Priestess)

FINALLY. Because there is one reversed card in this spread, I randomly add a card to augment and support it. This card is II Aviatrix (High Priestess), the card of the lone woman with a strong ethical and educational trajectory guiding her wings. What do your dreams, visions and innate intelligence reveal to you?  Examine these and you will find your way forward.