Wednesday, 1 February 2012

February Adventuary

Looking into the Adventury for February, I have drawn four cards:

X The Time Machine: Ideas, projects or relationships pass into their next phase. Taking the chance while it’s offered means never regretting. Fortune’s changes come in quick succession. Things are on their way up or about to surprise you. Be prepared to adapt or to be flexible or versatile.

Messenger of Engines advises us that the pressures of responsibility or over-commitment may need us to delegate responsibility to a team or sharing power. Beware of continuously placating others.

9 of Engines reversed suggests that diminished resources make it hard to hold out. Check your opponent's intentions carefully. Discretion is the better part of valour. If you have to lay down the fight and allow others to continue, I t is no shame.

The Empress of the Imperium says, ‘Creativity is a pleasure where you can concentrate on the growth or fulfilment of something dear to your heart. You are in the process of nurturing or giving birth to something. Abundance and fertility are lined up to support your plans. You can both give and receive tenderness or compassion. Material and spiritual wealth help you feel prosperous. You have the chance to bring harmony.

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