Friday, 2 March 2012

Sempiternam| March | Spread for the Common Good

Dear Readers, apologies that my monthly forecast wasn’t up yesterday, but urgent calls took me into the Imperial city to meet with an esteemed mentor of my arcane studies! Here is my forecast for the major influences, opportunities and challenges we can each be aware of during the month of March.

The Advocates for this month are II Aviatrix reversed and XIX Solarium with an overall essential numerical value of 3 (2 + 19 = 21 > 2 +1 = 3), which is the number of our Queen Empress! This combination has a strong sense of secrets being revealed or hidden things coming to light. At a time when so many institutions are trying to fill up the cracks appearing in their foundations, this one seems to do with a large scandal to do with spiritual institutions in particular and generally about the silliness of diving into shallow knowledge, guess-work or the obfuscations of esoteric speculation. The Aviatrix reversed has gone to the bottom of the sea to dredge up something well hidden. The Solarium, where the sun shines so strongly, is having none of this hiding away this month. It’s going to reveal whatever is hidden for the good of all.

Having divided the remaining pack into 4 equal piles, I count down 3 in honour of the Empress of the Imperium, and reveal the following keys to the doors of March:

The Key to the Door of the first week of March is 2 Leviathans

The Key to the Door of the second week of March is Navigator of Airships

The Key to the Door to the third week of March is 5 Leviathans reversed

The Key to the Door to the fourth week of March is 1 Leviathans

Three sets of Leviathans (Coins) makes this is a very money- and resource-oriented reading. 2 Leviathans shows that some flexibility and juggling of finances is necessary. Deciding just what to spend your resources upon is a concern for everyone right now. Because the essential number of the Advocates is under the guidance of the Empress, there’s a sense that we’d like to be a little more expansive and generous, but we keep an eye on the road ahead to cautiously scan what life may throw up. This card asks you ‘what needs to be handled more playfully?’

Navigator of Airships looks through his navigation screen for the second week. He is a champion who defends and upholds beliefs, for himself and for behalf of others. His clear views and opinions, make him a good advocate for those who have no voice or no sense of direction. More and more, the groundswell of public opinion is making clear how we want to be governed, with good ethical direction, and he appears as a advocate for those very issues that make a difference to our lives. He asks you ‘what do you need to stand up for?’

5 Leviathans reversed shows that we can all make new affinities and friendships in adversity. This making of common cause is one of the features we are seeing on many levels, for example the creation of food cooperatives in areas which have lost their local grocers shop. For some people, this may mean accepting part-time or unfamiliar employment in order to keep bread on the table. We know that our ancestors survived hard times, because we are alive to speak of it: so ‘what enables you to survive?’

Ace Leviathans offers us a new opportunity, a recognition of our skills and talents in the workplace, a sense of support and resources that we share with others which makes everyone feel a little more secure. ‘How can you make more of your innate resources?

The underlying support of the Empress shows that the abundance that we crave is not always in money and resources that others give to us as wages or rewards, but in working with our own skills and talents, and never forgetful of the human ability to use resources wisely, not intemperately like consumers, so that our cherishing of the world makes it a wonderful place to live for everyone.

Brought to you from the co-creator of Steampunk Tarot: Gods of the Machine, coming in Autumn 2012

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