Thursday, 31 May 2012

Sempiternam | June 2012

7 Leviathans
Dear Readers,

June’s forecast brings us a line-up of court cards, revealing this to be a month where big personalities dominate but where we too have our parts to play.

7 Leviathans and Lady of Airships reversed are the two ambassadors for June. They show a combination of the prosaic and the dynamic, for while the ground-crewman directs the bulky leviathan into its hanger as part of his daily routine, the Lady of Airships is about as confrontative, with knife between her teeth, as it can get: she is upside down, which makes her look as if she’s hanging onto her craft by her fingernails. She means business but it’s almost painful to watch.

Lady of Airships
This pairing of cards shows us that the themes of this month are about trusting the process and keeping up the impetus without giving into the mind-games that cause self-sabotage nor to the manipulations of others. Trusting the process enables resources to find their own growth points. What continued effort or encouragement do you need to maintain your impetus, so that you don’t fall into inertia? By allowing the process to unfold and develop, you can see the possible gear-changes your plans may need to undergo. It’s not a matter of giving up but of keeping up the good work, which will help compassion to come into play. When everyone around you is losing their head, what brings clarity to the situation? What help do you need to accept or ask for? What straightforward approach is needed here? How do you cut through the tangle?

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