Friday, 22 June 2012

Sempiternam | 22 - 30 June 2012

Captain of Submersibles
22-30 June

Captain of Submersibles trains his glasses upon the light of an arctic dawn as a whale rejoices in the sunlit waters. This person is compassionate, a diplomat, someone who can bring support and a generous outlook after the depredations of the Cyborg’s reign. This feels like a counsel headed up by this person. For yourself, this may be experienced as a need to make space or a wider toleration in your life. Who is depending upon your support? What is your loving duty here? Who needs to be included?

The Advocates prepare the way for the II The Aviatrix who guards the mystery of the Machine. Like the Isis of the ancient world, she spreads her protective wings over the mystery of life. She heralds a transition that will make us all look more closely at the nature of life itself. Behind the veil of consciousness lies a deeper knowing. What do dreams, intuition and your innate intelligence show you?

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